Our El Paso Refinery is located approximately three miles east of downtown El Paso, Texas and is located on approximately 555 acres. The refinery was originally two facilities. The “North” portion was built in 1928, and the “South” portion was built in 1931. The operations of both sites were significantly modernized over the years, and the two plants were combined in 1993.

The refinery has crude capacity of approximately 135,000 barrels per day, with operations including catalytic cracking, alkylation, and reforming. The refinery has marketing terminals and loading racks, with the loading rack having an estimated maximum capacity of 36,000 barrels per day.

Crude oil is delivered to the refinery via pipeline with access to the majority of the producing fields in the Permian Basin as well as Northern New Mexico. The refinery also has pipeline access to blendstocks and refined products from the Gulf Coast.

Products are delivered from the El Paso Refinery by truck, rail, and pipeline. There are three product pipelines out of El Paso, delivering to Arizona, Mexico, and New Mexico. The refinery has access to storage capacity of approximately 4.9 million barrels.

Community Support

We strive to make a positive and ongoing impact on the lives of our neighbors with programs and practices that provide meaningful support to the community.

Through volunteer programs and charitable investment, the refinery supports organizations that address vital community needs and issues. We’re proud of our employees who devote their time and dollars to make the community a better place.


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