Stepping Up to Serve LA’s Youth



STEM activities and mobile technology serve to keep underserved youth off the streets after school.


There are approximately 31,000 gangs in the United States today, with gang members totaling about 850,000. Often, these gangs recruit new, school-age kids when they are most vulnerable – the hours between when school lets out and when parents get home.


In the Los Angeles district, where gang activity most threatens and targets underserved communities, after school opportunities like the Gang Alternatives Program (GAP) have become a key factor in keeping youth off the streets.



GAP’s ‘Step Up’ after school program features a Mobile Learning Vehicle with iPads equipped with digital educational software, laser printers and wireless capability. It is in line with Los Angeles Unified School District’s common core standards learning initiatives, and provides further support for students outside of the classroom, like additional STEM learning opportunities.


Step Up serves over 350 students every week at four program sites, and partners with other non-profits like The Boys & Girls Club and the YMCA.


Andeavor has provided $276,500 in grants the past three years to help GAP continue and upgrade its program.


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