Mentoring LA’s Underserved Youth



A chance to work at Andeavor during the summer provides mentorship and direction for many in the program.


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Cultivating a successful career is hard work. Learning new skills, networking, and practice often lead to opportunities. But zoom in and you’ll see there are so many additional skills that can be taken for granted – a confident handshake, interviewing techniques, experience working with diverse groups, active listening, taking initiative - and the list goes on.


These skills are often developed with help from parents, teachers, and various family or community mentors. We model our behavior on the professionalism of those people and see our own paths and potential in their experiences and achievements.


But what if that mentor isn’t there?


Many in communities all around us face that very challenge. Without a solid foundation of support, these youth struggle to envision a prosperous future, let alone take necessary steps for advancement.


The Los Angeles Refinery’s Summer Youth Program works to change that, giving students a needed jump-start and the guidance to help themselves. Started in 1992, more than 900 students have gone through the program.