Equipping the Red Cross with a New Ride



Supporting the Red Cross’s response to local disasters.


Wildfires, floods, microbursts, home fires and power outages – according to the American Red Cross, chapters in the Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso region respond to a disaster like these roughly every 15 hours.


This means that the organization’s Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) are almost always on the go. They bring relief supplies, food, water, and comfort to those affected. With about 1,100 disasters responded to every year, and over 9.4 million people served, there is a lot of wear and tear on the vehicles.


Aging vehicles and other equipment can hinder the Red Cross’ ability to respond quickly and effectively. And replacing or upgrading vehicles can be expensive.


With people who live and work in these communities and who understand preparedness and safety better than most, Andeavor supports the efforts of the Red Cross.


It will also be more adaptable than previous models of ERVs. This is important, as not every disaster is the same. Sometimes families need food, snacks and water. For others, comfort kits with personal hygiene items are needed. Still other disasters call for tarps, shovels, rakes and trash bags to help clean up a ravaged home or neighborhood.


The grant, awarded this past July, brings Andeavor’s total contribution to the Red Cross to five ERVs, and two bloodmobiles. The first grant Andeavor awarded was in 2014, and they’ve strived to help the Red Cross every year since.


El Paso_Red Cross 2.jpg

Pictured here, a next generation emergency response vehicle in Washington state reduces the carbon footprint of the disaster response fleet and provides greater versatility and efficiency for the entire organization.


“The work done by the American Red Cross is so critical to any community. It’s important, and a priority of mine, that our region be as prepared as possible to respond to any emergency at a moment’s notice,” El Paso County Judge Ruben Vogt told the El Paso Herald-Post.


“Andeavor’s generous grant to the American Red Cross of El Paso and Southern New Mexico … exhibits a true sense of community collaboration between the public and private sector, [and] ensures we are as prepared as possible in the event of an emergency. Emergencies know no boundaries and this is a perfect example of how working together ensures a safer, more vibrant community for us all.”


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Nationwide, the Red Cross has over 320 ERV that work across neighborhoods in 49 states to help those stricken by disaster. In 2017 alone, these ERVs delivered nearly 1,476,000 relief items during approximately 64,000 disaster responses – one every eight minutes.


The organization expects to eventually replace its entire fleet with more efficient ERVs, like those Andeavor provided for in its grant, and possibly increase the number of its vehicles to better serve communities.